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Welcome to the PPG Club webpage!


PPG – What’s that?

PPG means Préparation Physique Générale. It consists in a 1-hour outdoor sporty & fun session orchestrated by professional coaches. The workouts are varied and designed to develop all areas of fitness to help you become stronger, fitter, faster and endure more. Additionally, our coaches pay special attention to protect your body from injuries and would suggest special alternatives should you have a particular physical issue.


The various outdoor workouts are tailored to the abilities of each and every participant. The Amadeus PPG Community is thriving and welcomes newcomers at any time, whatever your fitness level, with open arms and fun!

PPG workouts are sometimes challenging, always achievable and definitely rewarding. But above all, PPG is a moment of fun and fresh air in your agenda!


Who is it for?

  • Any employee looking for efficient outdoor training: from true beginners to athletes from any sports (Football, CrossFit, Running, Tennis….)
  • Anyone wanting fun and achievable fitness
  • All fitness abilities wanting to train in a group environment
  • Those lacking in motivation and struggling to stick to a fitness regime
  • Teleworkers in need for some socialising and sporty activities – while abiding the sanitary rules of course!

You’re a newcomer? You are welcome to join 1 session for free. Then, please refer to the Registration process further down this page.


Disclaimer: Please note that it is your own responsibility that you are fit enough to attend PPG (for any health question, see your doctor).


Why should you attend??

  • Outdoor Fitness Programme that burns calories fast
  • Exceed your perceived limits and hit your goals
  • Constant adaptation to the audience and variation in every session. No more boring workouts!
  • Stay motivated and inspired by our highly trained coaches
  • Effective improvements in cardio, strength and tone
  • Get away from your computer/ home, get some fresh air and some laughs with real people!


Where and when?  

NEW in 2021! Your PPG Club is adapting to your (tele)working practices… and we’re now offering sessions in Nice, only 5-min away from the A8 exit 54 ‘Nice Nord’, you can join even if you live close-by! See schedule & location in the below table.



Sophia Antipolis

Bel Air



Les Bouillides Parc

Meeting Point – « Parc Les Bouillides » entrance opposite to Hotel Ibis / Hotel Mercure

5 Minutes later, the workout session will take place HERE

On-hold till April…

Stay tuned!

Canal de Gairaut

Or Parc Chambrun, depending on weather conditions








12:30 – parc Chambrun












12:30 – Canal de Gairaut


Note: session could be cancelled due to bad weather. Stay informed via the PPG Sophia WhatsApp Group



Note: date may vary depending on weather forecast. Stay informed via PPG Nice WhatsApp Group



How much does it cost?
Much cheaper than any gym, the CSE is asking us to commit to register for a whole semester. However, this year, we can opt for a monthly automatic payment by bank transfer. See below for further instructions…


Jan- to Jun-21, unlimited sessions, on all sites:


Pay at once

Monthly automated bank transfer

Amadeus employees (and spouse)







Mar- to Jun-21, unlimited sessions, on all sites:


Pay at once

Monthly automated bank transfer

Amadeus employees (and spouse)







Disclaimer: please note that the CSE rules for clubs do apply when it comes to the amount of subsidy received. Get in touch with the CSE in case of any doubt.


How do I register?

Step 1: Send an email to the PPG Club coordinators to inform them of your subscription so that we can keep our distribution list up to date.


Step 2: For Amadeus employees: 

You can either pay one-off or in up to 6 instalments:

  • Option 1: pay 90EUR one-off by credit card on the CSE website:
    • Go to the CSE website and log in.
    • Go to the PPG Club page and proceed to the bottom
    • Select the subscription for you or your spouse, for the given period;
    • Order and proceed to payment.


  • Option 2: pay in up to 6 instalments by direct debit


  • Go to the CSE website on your profile page
  • Click on “Mes informations”
  • Click on “Mon IBAN” in order to add your Bank account details


  • Tick the box “Signer le mandate pour cet IBAN”


  1. Step 2 - Send an email to Sophie Cormerais recapping your registration & payment request, please specify:
      • PPG Registration period: Jan- to June 2021
      • Fee due: 90EUR for Amadeus staff (or spouse)
      • Payment request by direct debit – specify your preferred option
        • 2 instalments of 45EUR each in January and April
        • 3 instalments of 30EUR each in January, March and May
        • 6 instalments of 15EUR each every month from January to June
      • Please note you will receive an email notification of the direct debit at every instalment.


Step 2: For Contractors: Offline only:

  • Pay by cheque (order: CSE Amadeus), drop it to the CSE or send it to Sophie Cormerais (CSE Building) – Amadeus sas – 485, Route du Pin Montard – 06902 Sophia Antipolis cedex.



Want to stay informed?

To simplify coordination & notifications, we have set-up Whatsapp groups for each site. Feel free to join these:



Contact CE PPG Coordinators 
Amadeus Bel Air: Mathieu Pilven

Amadeus Sophia: Noureddine Hajji

Amadeus Nice: Sarah Coppé

… contact us by WhatsApp

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