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PPG is general physical training (Préparation Physique Générale, in French), outdoors with a professional sports coach in a fun atmosphere. The aim is to improve all-round fitness, stamina, muscular toning (your 'inner core'), and dynamism.
Do it to keep/get in shape, maintain/improve fitness or even just for the fun and to de-stress at lunchtime!
You will be doing varied physical exercises, such as sit-ups, push-ups, squats, stairs, hills, running & who knows what else, + stretching of course - all in the great outdoors (Parc de la Valmasque for Sophia Antipolis people, Outside Amadeus or AAA Sport Center for Bel Air people).
Our coaches prepare fun and diverse sessions; so you won't get bored, and always suggest variations (in terms of # repetitions and/or in case of injury). Do not hesitate to ask them!

Please note that it is your own responsibility that you are fit enough to attend PPG (for any health question, see your doctor).


*** PPG SCHEDULE 2020 ***

  • Lunchtime: 12:15 to 13:15

  • Every day in Sophia and Bel Air

  • Register once, come as much as you want, across both sites


No more fixed levelling per day, but our coaches give guidance to cater for all runners, from true beginners, 'back-to sports' or die-hart high gear... Fun & sweat guaranteed for all! Please note that, in Sophia, Thursday sessions do focus on harder cardio training.


You are welcome to join 1 session for free. Then, please refer to the Registration process further down this page.


Good news! In 2020, prices are going down! ??

As a trade-off, the CSE is asking us to harmonize and to offer a yearly registration.

Why it is good news?

  • It is unbeatably cheap: only 10 euros /mth for Amadeus employees... for as much as you want / can!

  • It is site-agnostic: You are changing jobs and moving from Sophia to Bel Air (or vice-versa), we guarantee continuity: same price applies to all sessions on both sites!

  • It is a no-brainer: no need to remember whether you have registered for the full term/ 1 month only...  Just do it NOW and forget about it till 2021!

  • The ultimate motivation to keep up your New Year resolution till December 2020! ??

Amadeus employees (and spouse): 
FULL YEAR 2020, unlimited sessions: 120 euros

FULL YEAR 2020, unlimited sessions: 240 euros

Please note special tariffs will be available for those joining in April, July and September. Subscription valid till end of year. See below.

[Disclaimer: please note that the CSE rules for clubs do apply when it comes to the amount of subsidy received. Get in touch with the CSE in case of any doubt.]


First, send an email to your site's point of contact (to be added to the distribution list): (Sarah Coppe ) Noureddine Hajji for  Sophia, Carole Mallet for Bel Air. Then, register & pay as instructed below:

Amadeus employees: 2 options

Contractors: Offline only:


Bel Air


·  Current term runs for full year 2020 · Every day at 12:15

Note: special schedule may apply during summer & special bank holiday weeks

·  Current term runs for full year 2020
· Every day at 12:15

Note: special schedule may apply during summer & special bank holiday weeks


The trainer will meet us by the white gate at the bottom of the Amadeus car park (opposite of Sophia Country club).

The group will then proceed to the park at the square place at the bottom of the 5-storey stairs (for those coming from other sites).

Meeting point is at the AAA Sport Center on Bel Air site, Petanque Strip.

You can bring your fitness carpet for abs, to be used during the session

Trainer schedule (subject to change)


Yoris Grandjean

Leo Raimbault


Mickael Darnet

Johan Solino


Leo Raimbault

Linda Tremellat


Mickael Darnet

Leo Raimbault


Leo Raimbault

Linda Tremellat

FYI, Contact details of permanent coaches BFS Training 
Fabien Lefaucheux : 06 72 54 15 58 / contact@bfstraining.com
Mickael Darnet: 06 65 09 49 60 /
Yoris Grandjean / 06 49 26 90 15 / yorismib@hotmail.com 
Linda Tremellat / 06 30 73 29 95 / lindafulvia-trem@hotmail.fr
Johan Solivo / 06 20 56 03 40 / johansolivo@orange.fr

Leo Raimbault / 06 64 50 80 27 /


Contact CE PPG Coordinators 
Amadeus Bel Air: Carole Mallet        / 06 64 28 59 01 / cmallet@amadeus.com
Amadeus Sophia: Sarah Coppe         / 06 37 27 38 08 / sarah.coppe@amadeus.com 
                           or Noureddine Hajji / 06 37 90 05 64 / Noureddine.Hajji@amadeus.com

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