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Bienvenue sur le site du CSE Amadeus Welcome on the Amadeus Work Council


Bonjour et bienvenue sur le site du CSE Amadeus !

En quelques clics, vous pouvez accéder aux informations utiles pour organiser vos vacances, vos sorties ...

  • s'informer sur les évènements et les activités proposés par le CSE,

  • effectuer vos réservations à des prix subventionnés,

  • acheter en ligne avec un paiement CB sécurisé.

  • site optimisé pour Chrome ou Firefox!

Vous souhaitant une bonne navigation et de bons moments !

L'équipe du CSE


Hello and welcome to the CE Amadeus site !

With a few clicks, you can access useful information to organize your holidays, outings ...

  • get informed about events and activities proposed by the CSE,

  • make reservations wih a CSE subsidy,

  • buy online with secure CB payment.

  • Website optimized for Chrome and Firefox

Wishing you a good navigation and good times !

The CSE Team

Actualités / News

Calendrier / Calendar

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Produits / Products


What if I notice a bug on the website or I wish to post a proposal ?

This site is new (January 2016) and needs to benefit from your user experience. Please send us an email to cesophia@amadeus.com.

We will be pleased to look at it. Thank you for your feedback. 

What if my shopping basket clears automatically when I switch to another product ?

Some web browsers or versions do not fully support that fonctionality. Try Chrome.

Why is the format of the club pages does not follow the other standard ?

Because theses pages must be, for the moment and owing to security reasons, generated by a different tool. They are built and upated by the club volonteers (thanks to them) with a soft that does not support the modern features of the CE website.    

What is the impact of a trip on the Chèques Vacances ?

One may not benefit from the Chèques Vacances the same year he or she uses a Grand Voyage, Moyen séjour or Ski club.