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Coronavirus: Communication importante du CSE

A la suite de la décision du Président de la République de fermer les crèches, écoles et universités et de mettre en place des recommandations pour contenir la diffusion du Coronavirus, à la suite des mesures prises par la Direction d’Amadeus, votre CSE va adapter ses activités et ses offres à partir de ce 16 mars :

  • Aucune activité club ne pourra se tenir, qu’ils soient du CSE ou d’Amadeus;
  • Aucun visiteur extérieur, fournisseur ou prestataire ne sera autorisé dans les locaux du CSE.
  • Les permanences de la billetterie et commandes Web sont suspendues jusqu’à nouvel ordre. Les modalités de remboursement ou changement de date limite seront mis dès que possible sous les pages billetterie.
  • Les échanges avec les salariés du CSE à propos des locations, voyages et séjours enfants se font par mail ou chat.

Vous trouverez des réponses à vos questions en allant sur la page FAQ sinon envoie votre question à cesophia@amadeus.com

Etant donné que la situation évolue régulièrement, nous vous tiendrons informés de tout changement concernant les mesures ci-dessus.

Merci de votre compréhension et patience.

L'équipe du CSE


Coronavirus: Important CSE Communication

Following the decision by the French President to temporarily close schools and universities and to issue additional recommendations to help contain the spread of COVID-19, following the temporary measures taken and requested by the Management of Amadeus, your CSE will consequently adapt its activities and offers as from 16 March:

  • No club activities will be allowed indoors, in any CSE premises and Amadeus rooms.
  • No external visitors, suppliers or providers will be allowed in the CSE premises.
  • No ticket duties and Web Command will be offered until further notice.
  • Exchanges with CSE employees for rentals, holidays and children activities will be by mail or chat.

You will find answers to your questions by going to the FAQ page otherwise send your question to cesophia@amadeus.com

As the situation is evolving regularly, we will keep you informed of any change to the above measures.

Thanks a lot for your comprehension and patience.

The CSE Team

Actualités / News


I have skipasses, and the resorts are all closed. How can I proceed and ask for a refund ?

We will refund your tickets directly at the tickets office as soon as the CSE will be open to public again.

We are currently in contact with our suppliers to extend the return deadline.

ISOLA/AURON limit to return 7 may 2020 information updated the 25 of March

La foux limit to return information ASAP

Orciere limit to return information ASAP

Limone limit to return Information ASAP

Valberg limit to return Information ASAP


I have more than 6 skipasses, and can't use them because of the lockdown. Yet, the CSE only refund 6 skipasses maximum. How could we proceed ?

Because of the exceptionnal context brought by the COVID-19 outbreak, we will refund all your tickets, whatever the number you have.

I have La Foux skipasses, but can't use them anymore. The CSE doesn't refund these skipasses, am I going to loose my money ?

We will refund even the La foux skipasses. Yet, to do so, we will need first the number on the skipasses so our supplier will crontrol if they are used or not.
You can start sending your skipasses numbers to thomas.cotton@amadeus.com to start the verification. Once the CSE will be open to public, bring your skipasses for refund.

I have some cinemas tickets with a short expiracy date. Am I going to loose them ?

Here are the information we have for the cinema so far :

Pathe : the expiration date will be automatically extended for the lenght of their closure time

CGR : the expiration date will be automatically extended for 1 month for tickets expiring from end of March to end of May 2020.

Olympia/Variete/Rialto : the expiration date will be automatically extended for the lenght of their closure time

If you purchased Strada tickets from January 2020, with an expiracy date in June : more information ASAP


I have parks tickets, but can't use them. What should I do ?

For now, most of our tickets are valid until the end of the year and even 2021.

If you have tickets with an expiracy date in the following months, we will determine case by case how we can refund or compensate you as soon as the CSE is open to public.

I am confirmed on a CSE group Week-end Disney or Lisbon in May. Will these trips take place?

These trips are maintained for the moment.

We will keep participants informed as soon as government actions are taken.

I booked on the CSE site and handed in a check before 16 March for an Easter child activity. Do you confirm this registration?

Your request has been taken into account and we will keep you informed as possible whether the internship will take place or not.

I booked on the CSE site and NOT handed in a cheque for an Easter child activity. Do you confirm this registration ?

Your request has NOT been processed and won’t be processed. Thanks for your comprehension.

Can I register my child to a summer camp?

Yes you can register your child to a summer camp.
In order to, please register your child on line and provide a cheque to CSE when offices will be opened
Link to Summer Camps: https://www.cseamadeus.com/index.php?controller=produit&recherche_categorie=ENFANTS,ETECAMPS;

I booked a show which was cancelled or postponed and I don’t want to keep it, what is the refund process?

If you get paper tickets that are not e-tickets, they will have to be returned during concert duties or via internal email by mentioning your name on the envelop.

The concert club records all the cancellations as soon as we get them, and will make all the refunds by bank transfer once we return in Amadeus’ premises.

Please be ensured that your IBAN is well updated in your profile on the CSEamadeus.com site.

In view of significant number of shows cancellations, we kindly ask you to have some patience and not come back to us. Thanks for your understanding.

Produits / Products