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Club Danse - BA+Sophia Salsa (Marion)



Curious to discover the world of Salsa/Bachata? With a lot of fun? Or looking for new course to improve your dancing skills?
Whatever your reason to dance and your level, we have something for you in this club!! :D

Salsa/Bachata dancing courses, parties organization, communication on dancing event in the region!!

Our teachers, Marion Pontal, Anthony Favole, Juliette Charette and Jeremy Teyssedre will transmit you their passion of dancing and make you progress based on your preferences.

You still have doubts? You can just come and try 1 course without subscription!

See you very soon!!! ;)


Planning for the summer period & pricing for the whole period


- Salsa/Bachata Beginner/Intermediate (Marion and Jeremy)
       - Sophia Espaces A Tuesday 13h00-14h00
       - Bel Air Gymnase Thursday 13h00-14h00

- Bachata Intermediate/Advanced (Anthony et Juliette)
       - Mercure Hotel Tuesday 19h15

- Salsa Advanced (Marion)
       - Mercure Hotel Tuesday 20h15


- 1 course/week (2020) : 125 Euro staff/ 250 Euro Contractor

- 2 courses/week (2020) : 200Euro staff/ 400 Euro Contractor

- 4 courses/week (2020) : 250Euro staff/ 450 Euro Contractor

Process to register:

- Amadeus employees: Click on the offer and pay by Credit Card directly on the website

- Contractors: Bring a cheque with the order "CE AMADEUS" to the CE AMADEUS or responsible of the club

Contact:Jeremy Teyssedre - 2124