CSE Amadeus

Club Musculation


It's a pleasure to announce that the Amadeus Fitness club subscription for 2021is now open!!


PLEASE wait the 1st of January to pay on the CE website !!


The Amadeus Fitness club offers weight and cardiovascular training equipment to keep you fit all year long! 



Power Plate my7, fixed and elliptical bicycles, rowing machine, multipurpose home gyms, weight bench press, biceps and lumbar benches, cross-over station, abdominal muscles machines, different steps/body leg machines and free barbells/weights. 



- Nordictrack VX650 bike (new!)

- Nordictrack C55 elliptical bike (new!)

- SportTech RSX 500 rowing machine (new!)

- 1 set of fitness weighted cross ropes (new!)

- one multipurpose fitness machine, 2 weight bench press, one cross-over station and loads of free barbells/weights



In Sophia, room is located in Les Espaces A on the ground floor (room EA6022) and in Bel-Air in BEL AIR gymnasium. 



Please be aware that the rooms provided for this facility are rather small in size, and taken into account the current situation linked to Covid -19, we have unfortunately to impose a maximum limit of 3 persons in the rooms at any given time. 



The annual subscription is 50 euros (1A staff) and 80€ (contractors) for 45 min slot per week on specific time slots (morning/noon/evening).

on top of this reserved slot, access to the rooms will be possible at any time to offer maximum flexibility, with the same limit of 3 persons max in the room at a single time.


Slot assignment will be arranged on a first comes, first served basis. If the wished slot(s) cannot be reserved, we will make a proposal at the closest available. For those having specific constraints with slot reservation, please always contact your site responsible to double check the availabilitybefore paying online on the CE website. 

If needed, a waitlist can be established.


Subscription is valid starting payment confirmation and until December 31st of the same year. 

Subscriptions received after June 30th 2021 will get a 50% discount. 




Note for the persons subscribing to the Bel Air facility: There’s an additional mandatory subscription of 25 €/year has to be paid for the AAA bound to Bel Air site.

This subscription runs from January 1st  to December 31st  and is required once to perform any sport activity performed in Bel Air.

Payment can be done online by staff here:  

Or by check payable to AAA and to be given or sent internally to Didier Bellone.


For all subscribers: Based on the list of time slots provided below, please send a mail to one of the club responsible with 5 choices of 1 session by priority order

Please do not proceed with online payment without first contacting a club responsible (list provided below) to confirm that a slot is available based on your preferences.


Payment methods (once slot assignment is confirmed by a club responsible): 

  • Bank check (order CE AMADEUS) sent by internal mail (both sites) to Didier BELLONE (room A222). 
  • Online payment (Link available ONLY STARTING JANUARY 4TH).



Registration deadline is December 13th and any additional information inquiries can be made by mail only to: 





!Please No phone calls and no inquiries directly to the CE!. 




Morning: 8h15-9H00 


Noon: 12h00-12h45 or 12h45-13h30 


Evening:17h30-18h15 or 18h15-19h00 or 19h00-19h45  


Remember that out of these reserved time slots, access to the facilities is always possible, and any subscriber is welcome to come and train in the room, with the same capacity limits than for reserved slots (max 3 persons in the room). Doors are equipped with keypad locks, code is provided upon subscription.


We ask subscribers to advise us if theydecide to stop this activity in order to reallocate their slots to people on the waiting list.